Frequently Asked Questions & Guides

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. You will find answers to the most common questions as well as some helpful guides and tutorials. We hope that this repository will allow you to use Kanzen more efficiently. If you still have any questions please contact us via contact form here.

  • What is Kanzen?
    • Kanzen is a visual project management and collaboration tool that allows businesses to improve their performance and productivity. Our Kanban ready solution allows you to deploy Kanban board with features like swimlanes, custom card templates and robust WIP limits.

      You may manage and view your workflow in three different views - Kanban board, a list view and an interactive calendar. The goal is to make your project and task management as intuitive as possible while providing you with value that will drive your performance up. Learn more and try Kanzen during free 14 days trial at Kanzen Homepage

  • How to get started?
    • Simply create a free account on Kanzen Homepage. Once your registration is complete, you will be taken to the Dashboard of your account where you can invite new people and create your projects. We suggest viewing our Tutorial board to learn how to use Kanzen and its features.

  • How do I add more people?
    • There are three ways to add people to your account:

      1. When you register, you are prompted to add people to your account. Please keep in mind that that prompt will only be displayed for 15 minutes from account creation.
      2. Go to People from your dashboard and click on "Add new person". Provide the name, e-mail address and access rights of the person you are inviting.
      3. Click on "Team" to the right of your project name. This will take you to your project access form where you are also able to add new person by clicking "Invite now".
  • Where do I log in?
  • How can I delete people from my account?
    • To delete or deactivate user accounts go to "People" tab found in the dashboard of your account. There you will be able to first deactivate people from your account and delete if you want to permanently delete them from Kanzen.

      Deactivating is great if you want to preserve user information, but want to put an account on hold. Deactivated accounts are not counted towards your subscription plan payment.

  • How do I cancel subscription or delete my account?
    • You can do it any time in Account Administration page. To cancel your subscription, please go to Subscription plan section and select "Click here to change your subscription plan". Scroll down to "Update subscription" button and just below you will see "Cancel my subscription" link. Click on that and your subscription will be cancelled meaning you will not be charged monthly anymore.
      You will however still be able to use the software for the remaining time that you have already paid for.

      To cancel your account, please go to your Account Administration page and click on "Cancel my account" link. Please be advised that this cannot be undone and your account will be permanently deleted.

  • I can't see any project boards
    • If you were invited to a shared workspace it may be possible that your privileges are not sufficient enough to see all projects. You will have to ask an administrator or project owner for access to projects.

  • Can I try the software before purchasing?
    • Absolutely. Every user is granted a 14 days free trial with no obligations. A trial account has access to every feature and option in Kanzen. Once your trial is done, you will have to subscribe to payments in order to keep using Kanzen. There are three different subscription plans available:

      • Basic plan - allows you to have 8 users and 6 projects on your account
      • Team plan - a maximum of 18 users and 20 projects
      • Unlimited - you pay per each user on your account. Ideal for large accounts and individuals

      You can subscribe to payments in Account Administration page.

  • Who is responsible for payments?
    • Only account owners and administrator are able to subscribe to payments and update credit card information. Furthermore, only administrators and account owners will be able to see the subscribe button and the countdown of your trial period in dashboard.

      All payments are to be made via Account Administration page. You can find it in top right menu next to your avatar.

  • How can I update my credit card information?
    • To update your payment information please go to Account Administration page and select "Click here to change your subscription plan" in the Subscription plan section. There you will be able to change your subscription plan and update your cardholder information by pressing "Update subscription".

      Updating your credit card information will overwrite the subscription details you have initially submitted when you created the subscription. We do not store or display your cardholder data.

  • What information can my tasks store?
    • Kanban cards are your tasks items and allow you to store more detailed information upon opening. You are able to add the following details:

      • Task ID - this is generated automatically for each task and you can display either a global ID or project based ID
      • Task name - name of your task
      • Task type - the color and template of your task
      • Assignee - person to whom the task is assigned
      • Start date - the beginning date of your task, this will be reflected on the calendar view along with deadline
      • End date - your deadline
      • Description - description editor that allows you to format your text, add and store pictures, post videos and work in full screen mode
      • Tags - tags related to your task
      • Attachment - file attachments and external links
      • To-do - an extra to do list that you can use to breakdown your tasks into small details further
      • History - history of all actions on a task
      • Comments - a discussion panel for each task

      There are also some useful actions like print button which allows you to print a task and send to email button that allows you to send task details to selected email.

      Task preview:

      Task card with labels
  • Send tasks via e-mail
    • Kanzen allows you to add your tasks via e-mail. Each project has its own unique e-mail address that can be found in Tools menu on navigation panel. Simply use the e-mail address presented as a recipient, your subject as a task name and body of your task will be the description. You can customize your task even further following steps below:

      • Use this address as recipient
      • Subject line is your task name and body is task description
      • Use following filters in your subject line for more options:
        • [12-31-2014] - adds deadline
        • [Firstname Lastname] - assigns user
        • [COL:Column name] - task is added to specified column
        • [SWL:Swimlane name] - task is added to specified swimlane
        • [!] - marks task as high priority
  • Is Kanzen compatible with touch devices?
    • Kanzen is fully compatible with most touch devices such as Android powered mobile phones and tablets or iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. You may use the following gestures:

      1. Tap, hold for 2 seconds and drag a task to move it around
      2. Tap a task once to open a context menu where you can open the task or perform quick actions
      3. Swipe the screen to navigate your board

      A native application for Android devices is currently in development so stay tuned!

  • Do you store my credit card data?
    • Your credit card information is never stored on our servers. The cardholder data you enter is securely sent to, a leading payment gateway and PCI compliance agent, where your data is securely stored with full PCI compliance.

  • How do I update cardholder data?
    • If your subscription is active, go to Account Administration page and then Subscription page. There you will find "Update subscription" button that will allow you to update your credit card information. Please keep in mind that we will never try to retrieve your existing cardholder data so the new information entered will simply overwrite existing data.